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It's easy to start a newsletter - it's harder for you to make money

But with my course you can learn how to make a profitable newsletter

I made $1,450 in one month from No CS Degree newsletter ad sales recently

You will learn everything from finding sponsors, getting affiliate income and making paid newsletters 💰

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"Pete's course cuts through all the BS and shows you first-hand how to find sponsors for your newsletter. I run a newsletter with over 9k subscribers and couldn't consistently land sponsors until I watched Pete's course. This course pays for itself if you execute the advice!"

Derek Daniel, Meli Jobs

Derek Sams

Why do you need this?

Sales can seem scary. How should you get sponsors? How do you ask people for money? How do you get paid?

I didn't know any of this stuff and I had to learn on my own. I've put this course together so that you have it easier!

You will receive a 90 minute video showing examples of how I've monetized my newsletters including the actual emails I've sent and inbound messages I've received.

No sales experience is required or expected. You can learn!

What will this teach me?


How to find people to sponsor you
How to successfully pitch people
How to get paid by sponsors

Find affiliates

How to make money through affiliate links
Where to find high-paying affiliates
The pros and cons of affiliate income


Creating a paid newsletter
Selling your own content
Upselling users from free to paid


When to monetize
How much to charge sponsors
Pricing with indiehackers vs bigger companies

30 day money-back guarantee

Learn from an experienced entrepreneur

I monetised my No CS Degree newsletter on Day 1 with a $7.50 advert. I now charge $180 per advert. One of my proudest achievements was featuring on the Indiehackers podcast when I hit $2,300 in monthly revenue.

I've had lots of people reach out to me for advice on how to find sponsors and price ads. There is sadly not a lot of information about this. What does exist is often made by people with no experience who just write about it because newsletters are "hot" right now. In my video course I show proof of all my workings. 😀

I made $1,450 from newsletter ads in one month recently. You don't need a fancy MBA or business training to do this. I learned all of this in the past 12 months running the No CS Degree newsletter. So if you want to learn from an indie hacker with real life experience, this is the course for you. If you don't like the course, just email me requesting a refund within 30 days and I'll send your money back.

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Just want to grow your newsletter?

Pre-order my new course Grow Your Newsletter

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